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Q42. How can I configure the voice detection?

The VMi11x: Step into live view page, tap "VOX" icon on the bottom first. Then tap "Setting" icon to slide VOX volume level.
The VMi120: Step into "Camera list" page, press arrow icon into "Camera Seting". Press "Voice Detection" icon. Tapping the sensitivity level bar can adjust the sensitivity level and enable the VOX function.



Q46. Why can’t I receive the push message when motion/voice detection is activaed?

The VMi11x:
Please check:
1. Your smartphone/tablet is connected to VMi11x by local view.
2. You have enable the VOX function.
The VMi120:
Please check:
1. Your Wi-Fi router connects to Internat. (LED glows green)
2. In Android system, the "Smart iCAM" must run in background.

Q1. What type and size of Miscro SD card are supported?

The VMi11x: Do not support it.
The VMi120: Supports Micro SD card, class 6 or above, up to 32GB.

Q2. What is the compression format of the camera?

The VMi11x: MJPEG compression codec is used.
The VMi120: H.264 compression codec is used.

Q3. Can I talk to camera side from my smartphone?

The VMi11x: products do not support it.
The VMi120: supports talk function. You can achieve it by tapping the audio to talk mode. And speak to camera site from your smartphone directly

Q4. How is the quality in night vision?

It depends on the luminance of environment. Our night vision mode will be activated by 4~8 lux. You can get better quality by IR light emission.

Q5. Can I connect to the camera by PC or laptop directly?

No, you can't access the camera on PC or laptop.

Q6. What wireless encryption of the camera is used?

The WPA2-PSK(AES,TKIP), WPA-PSK(AES,TKIP) and 128/64 bit WEP are supported.

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