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Q65. Why the camera name is error code or missed in availale camera list?

The VMi11x: Do not support it.
The VMi120: Make sure you do not enter the characters like "&", "*", "+", "-" and "%". Those specific characters are not supported.

Q66. I can not back to previous page from Event List page. Why?

The VMi11x: Do not support it.
The VMi120: Try to press the return icon repeatly.
For iOS device: If the motion/voice event is detected in live view, the page will turn to Event List page directly. When other motion/voice events are detected in that status, the event log windows will overlay. That's why you have to return repeatly.

Q67. "Easy iCAM" is closed on my device of iOS_v11 system?

For VMi11x series product:

The iOS_v11 compatibilty issue is solved on our latest "Easy iCAM" APP. Please update it from Apple Store.  (v1.1.28-1710031843)

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