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    Why do we need a monitor solution?
    Protecting your assets is a link that must not be neglected. An efficient monitoring solution can minimize the possibility of accidents or risks, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and your productivity.

    Easily set up a Security System
    Setting up your own surveillance environment is fast and convenient. You only need the following two core devices: an IP camera and a screen, which provide a full range of surveillance solutions and replace the need for deploying computers. If you frequently move around in different locations, you can monitor, control, and receive notifications instantly through your mobile device!

    Remote access anytime, anywhere
    Do you worry about what happens when you go abroad? Network monitoring supports iOS and Android platforms, which can simultaneously monitor images and review past recordings.

    Schedule and playback your video files at any time
    Provides a practical scheduling tool, so that the recording can start and end at a specified time; or according to other setting standards, replace the continuous recording function with motion detection to accurately record important events.

    Keep abreast of emergencies
    Provide smart protection for your surrounding environment and make sure everything is well. If someone breaks into the house, you can receive multiple notifications. If the camera detects the problem, the warning will be sent directly to your connected screen or mobile phone.



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