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    Why do we need a baby monitor?

    The most important purpose of a baby monitor is for the baby to grow up safely and to allow caregivers to have time to breathe.

    For baby sleep safty

    The baby monitor is designed to use the baby monitor for the "safety of caring for the baby". Even if the adult is not with the baby, the baby can be checked at any time through the monitoring screen, adding an extra layer of protection to the baby's safety.

    Let parents catch a breath

    When novice parents are taking care of their newborns, parents must always pay attention to the movement in the nursery, and there is no moment of relaxation.
    With a baby monitor, you can even see the baby's real-time and clear images through the mobile app. Adults will have a moderate rest time and the parenting experience will be better.
    To prepare for the children to grow up and sleep in separate rooms
    As the baby grows up, parents begin to do sleep training for the separation of rooms. The baby monitor can help parents monitor the status of the separation. When the monitor detects crying or abnormal conditions, it will immediately sound a warning to remind parents to check it out. Baby's condition.

    A good baby monitor should have the basic functions

    High resolution picture and clear night vision
    Lullaby for Sleep
    Cry detection
    Two-way communication
    Network security and privacy security of the monitor


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