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  • 1.Can I install the camera outside in snow day?+

    No, the operating temperaure ranges from 0 to 40 degrees celsius.
  • 2.How is the quality in night vision?+

    It depends on the luminance of environment. Our night vision mode will be activated by 4~8 lux. You can get better quality by IR light emission.
  • 3.Where can I download the APP for my product?+

    Key in the keyword or scan QR code. Download the app from Apple App Store(iPhone/iPad) or Google Play Store(Android).
  • 4.How can I know the camera is connected to Internet?+

    The LED on the camera will glow green after 1 minutes once you complete Internet setup.
  • 5.Why can't I find the camera after Internet setting completed?+

    Please make sure your smartphone/tablet connects to the camera directly (local view) or connects to the camera through a Wi-Fi router or 3G/4G mobile network (internet view).
  • 6.What is Voice Detection(VOX)?+

    Support voice activation function.Your smartphone/tablet screen will show a reminder message when the volume setting level from camera unit is higher than the volume setting level. Tapping or sliding the reminder message icon can launch the app directly. (The voice activation function can only work in local view mode.


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